Notice: Undefined index: prigod in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 723 LADP – Launch Design Partner Buy Omni Group OmniGraffle 5 Standard MAC oem The design of molo products grows from Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen’s architectural explorations.

soft wall + soft block modular system

A flexible freestanding partition system that can expand and contract to freely shape more intimate spaces within larger open areas. e cellular structure of so wall + so block serves to dampen sound while translucent or opaque versions sculpt the light of a space.Recognized for its elegant innovation, so wall + so block is a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.


Available in either a neutral “daylight white” (4200K) or “warm white” (2500K), cloud o ers re ned, exible lighting for interior living spaces.

Urchin softlight

Research Papers Ayurveda cloud so light creates an undulating overhead canopy of so luminous forms. Group cloud mobiles (small, medium or large) or cloud pendants to create vast cloudscapes owing in a unique topography, tailored to the individual space they are shaping. Taking inspiration from the wondrous mobile con- structions of Alexander Calder, a mobile of luminous clouds can be suspended, moving with a gentle buoyancy in the air currents overhead. e mobile structure allow for a broad canopy of cloud forms, hung from a single point, to provide light and a sense of intimate enclosure. Alternately, individual pen- dants in four di erent sizes can be suspended. e hollow cloud forms are internally lit by LED light, making the sculptural three dimensional forms mysteriously radiant when viewed from any direction. Made from the same translucent white textile material as urchin so light and textile so wall + so - block, these pieces complement each other to create uid, sculptural environments.

cloud floor + table softlight

Phd Dissertations Online How To Find A shape shi ing light that provides ambient di usion of energy e cient LED light. urchin has an irresistibly unique character that invites playful interaction. Its elastic movement and shi ing form are akin to a sea creature, making the piece move as if alive. Made from the same translucent white textile material as cloud so light and textile so wall + so block, these pieces complement each other to create uid, sculptural environments.

cloud softlights mobiles and pendants

These two lamps present an elegant addition to molo’s award winning modular so collection. Initially inspired by the mobile constructions of engineer and artist Alexander Calder, cloud now o ers a new intimacy on an individual scale.


The inspiration for so seating comes from a desire for flexible and spontaneous space making. so s- eating’s magnetic ends allow it to connect to itself forming a cylindrical stool or low table. Elements of the same size can also connect to one another to form long winding benches, providing endless seating topographies. Made from a single material, the beauty of these pieces sits between the representative and the abstract, creatively interchanging with one another. Designed for long term use, over time the surface texture of so seating’s paper edges so en into a pleasing natural patina.



The honeycomb paper bases of cantilever paper table connect by a pattern of hidden magnets embedded within the end panels of the table. Simple to attach and detach, not requiring any tools or hardware, the quick reconfiguration of the table immediately distinguishes it from static, heavy tables. The flexible form has potential in many settings, from contemporary open concept office spaces to traveling outdoor markets.


Research Paper Topics Middle School Students In general for all molo products materials: textile A non-woven polyethylene material, trade name Tyvek©, is 100% recyclable and is made from 5 – 15% recycled content. Its lightweight paper look and feel is tear, UV and water resistant, making it durable to handle and maintain. textile so wall + so block is available in translucent white and opaque black. White textile so wall + so block comes to life when light transmits through its delicate pattern of trans- lucent bres and pleats. Black textile so wall + so block is dyed with a UV resistant bamboo charcoal ink, lending the material a velvety opaque sheen reminiscent of charred wood. e material has a “class A” ame spread in North America. Documentation is available on request. kra paper view more images A sti robust unbleached paper, it is 100% recyclable and made from 50% recycled bre. It is available in a natural warm earthy brown and a dyed bamboo charcoal black. kra paper elements are re retardant. Documentation is available on request.

Purchase A Powerpoint Presentation The molo studio explores the overlapping realms of art, architecture and design, and creates unique designs in a variety of scales, from tea set to museum, for clients around the world. The design of molo products grows from Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen’s architectural explorations. They are inspired by the idea that smaller tactile objects and elements have a real potency in the physical experience of a space. Forsythe + MacAllen work back and forth between the intimate scale of furniture and small utilitarian objects, to the larger scale of buildings and landscapes. Working at a furniture scale heightens the sense of human scale and physical experience in architecture. Conversely, furniture and product design benefit from the perspective of thinking in the larger context of place and space making. Hands-on making has always been fundamental to Forsythe + MacAllen’s design process, and is an integral part of their ongoing journey. Ideas pass from mind to hands to material and back again. molo’s design process has developed to include experimentation with factory production, with desigers working in close collaboration with manufacturers. This way of working leads to happy accidents and discoveries that inspire design improvisation and innovation.